Thursday, June 26, 2008

ack - day 1

okay, gulp, following the lead of one of my inspirers (say that three times fast) sketched out I'm going to try and do the 21-day-self-esteem-buster creative challenge in hopes of improving my technique.

I probably should start this when I have more time, but then that would be never. here's my first installment...a very quick doodle of my kitty helping me last night with my needlepoint. yes, the cat spit did make the yarn easier to use.


sketched out said...

Hee heee heeee! That is hilarious and such a cute drawing. Cat spit really does come in handy from time to time... and kitties, ever the helpful pets.

Welcome aboard! I'm so touched that you felt inspired by lil ole me. That is so cool!


erin said...

my style and skill hasn't changed much since the third grade so I hope to improve on that, and I love your illustrations so much —- something to work toward.

rgblog said...
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