Sunday, August 10, 2008

Olympic fever

I was trying to catch a little of the Olympic rowing today, but all I could find was beach volleyball.

Wow, what's up with the women's uniforms or should I say, WHERE are the women's uniforms! I think they should rename the event "Wedgieball"
. Then when the men came on, well, they were practically wearing burqas. Throw a girl a bone here, a little ankle, maybe an elbow.

Anyway, as a nod to the bunnies over at Sketched Out, which all gold medals winners, here are my playboy bunny volleyball players in their "official" Olympic uniforms.

1 comment:

sketched out said...

Awwwww, how cool to get a nod from you, hee heeee! Great volleyball bunnies!

Oh, and I hear ya about the uniforms. Why can't a gal get a peek at some bum while the guys play, huh, why?