Tuesday, November 04, 2008


Well I voted. Strangely it's pouring rain here and I've heard told, it never rains in southern california, just ask my lawn. I guess the gods are crying tears of joy that change is happening, I know I am. With luck Prop 2 will pass to protect our animals.

Voting here is so odd. Last year I voted in some dude's garage, just there among the old boogie boards, tools and holiday decorations were two voting machines. This year it was equally as strange, if not peaceful, voting, sitting in a pew, in a church. Really wish I had a picture of the garage.


sketched out said...

How funny, I voted in the garage right across the street from my house. Pretty convenient. But never in a church before.

Kate said...

Ironically, I prayed before I voted, so the church might have been the right place for me to cast my vote!

studio lolo said...

I have to become a citizen once and for all. I so wish I could have voted. Luckily hubby does his part.
Erin, kitty looks thin. Feeling okay?