Friday, May 22, 2009

illustration friday - cracked

I was more of a MAD magazine aficionado than Cracked.


ValGalArt said...

haha me too! Awesome :)

studio lolo said...

me toooooo!!!!!
My husbandd wanted me to do something on this and I said, NO..I liked MAD better ;)

To answer your question, we're moving to Rhode Island at the end of next month. It will take me that long to pack and clean!
My husband has been home sick for at least 6 years. It's hard to live with someone who's miserable in paradise :(
I'll be fine though. Lots of old friends, new friends and family awaits me. And we found a cute house to rent for a song!

What's your story?

John said...

me too! I almost drew a craked cover just for giggles!

pasiakowa said...

Your pets are so wonderfully cute :)

Thanks for dropping by :)

Mônica said...

I was learning English when I first got my hands on a MAD magazine and I loved it! :-)

sketched out said...

Oh, me too! For sure. Great idea for the word, hee heeee! So, what's this about you moving even farther away. We never got a chance to meet... boo hoo. Hope it's a marvelous change for you and the little furry darlings!!