Monday, February 22, 2010

Lookie what I got!

I attended The Art League's annual Patron's Show held at the Torpedo Factory in Old Town, where each attendee gets to pick a piece of art work via a lottery system.  I was able to snag this wonderful piece of bottle cap art called "Thirsty Dogs" by the artist Lisa Shumaier ( who is an artist in residence at the Torpedo Factory. She also does sculptures like these cool ones here, "cat in pajamas" and "rabbit with a monster doll" check her out!

"cat in pajamas" by Lisa Schumaier

 "rabbit with a monster doll" by Lisa Schumaier

1 comment:

studio lolo said...

I LOOOOOOVE this stuff, every single piece of it! I need that bunny and monster doll. Wow!
You are way lucky!