Tuesday, August 10, 2010

illustration friday - caged

I haven't posted in a long while, but felt inspired to resurrect this doodle for this weeks IF topic, caged.  Our dear overlord kitty will have to pack up her stuff and get stuffed into her cage since we found out we have to move again! I'm very sad to be leaving Washington, D.C. my kitty's hometown.


Bobo said...

moving never easy for kitty (of course for people too)^^
Hope you get everything settle down fast!

dosankodebbie said...

aww what a cuddly-looking kitty!

Anonymous said...

LOL. Love it!

Connie said...

This is brilliant; hard hitting realism! About parenting and G&Ts: I once collected my younger brother from a Cub Scout Den meeting (around 1966) where I encountered the Den Mother. surrounded by chaos, sipping serenely away at her G&T. Is that in the Den Mother's Guide, do you think?!

Mônica said...

Oh, moving is stressful... We did a lot of moving for a while and my way of making it fun was to think of it as a new beginning, a fresh start. :-)

I hope all goes well with the move (for people and animals!)

Thanks so much for your words on my blog, Erin, I really appreciate them!

studio lolo said...


You just got there!!! I'm sorry all of you have to go through this again :(

Before you move please email me your address. I'd love you to have the "artificial" illo ;)


AtelierBrigitte said...

Poor kitty, moving again. Great illo!

Emily said...

Oh my! This I think is universal to most kitty owners... and each time it's time for the bag it takes longer to get kitty in it!
Your illo made me smile, Thanks!