Friday, January 07, 2011

illustration friday - deja vu

deja vu - this is what I wake up to every morning, 
boy do I miss the gentle tapping of my kitten's paw,
even though eventually she would shove a claw up my nostril. 

this was my first attempt, can't believe I did two, my patience is getting better
too bad my perspective isn't, but working on it.


AtelierBrigitte said...

What a great view you have every morning!

Jack Foster said...

Hey Erin! I LIKE your perspective! The first one really jumps out! Nice work!!

Janet illustrator said...

Oh this is soooo gorgeous. I can feel his doggie breath and exubberance. Lovely work

froggie said...

perspective-schmective! this is a GREAT lil doggie, er BIG BLUE DOGGIE! and you are soooo lucky to have a blue doggie wake you up every am....the cat alarm clock sounds kind of painful!

Mary Jane said...

I have a little Shih Tzu and every moring I see the same perspective of her face as she puts her stinky whiskers face into my face. You captured it perfectly even though your dog is bigger.
They want breakfast and they want to pee and they want to play. So we get up. He he.