Thursday, March 03, 2011

illustration friday - warning

Warning! Knives are sharp! (thanks for the safety tip Egon). So glad my husband comes back today! He's been gone awhile and he's the cook in the family (my speciality is cereal) I tried to make something the other night and chopped of the end of my thumb. Never again! My mother sent me a chain-mail glove, ha, ha so funny mom. Just call me stubby.


Connie said...

Don't dooooo that! Stick to your pens and pencils and eat cereal when your husband is away!

froggie said...

ooo!!! your poor thumb! man, what WERE you cutting, a 3" tbone for the doggies? oh no. it MUST have been that cat. cats are SO evil. good thing you didn't give the CAT the knife. puppy sushi, i think!

happppy friday, erin! :-))

studio lolo said...

Erin, you're not supposed to slice and dice anything once you've been into the wine!
Aw, ouchie :(

have the pups lick it all better.
Poor Froggie doesn't know about our favorite cat :(

That's two frowns I've left here now!

Bye...and keep away from the knives!

Jessie said...

Hahaha! I'm very accident prone and can't keep sharp knives in my kichen for that very reason! This is a bit gruesome though isn't it? ;)...A lovely illustration! xx

AtelierBrigitte said...

Cereal can be nice too! You better eat that so you won't hurt yourself again!

Juan said...

hahahahh! Very nice illo