Friday, April 22, 2011

Illustration friday - bicycle & journey

I missed posting last week between work, tornadoes and my good friend's art opening my life got away from me. So this week I'm combining both topics, "Don't stop believing,
hold on to that feeling...

Happy Earth Day everyone, give her a big hug.

Here are samples of my dear friend Kimberley Murphy-Lyons' work, she's wonderful.

Watching the Hill (36'X36")

Prince Is No Pauper (24" x 36")

Snow Beach (36" x 48")


get zapped said...

Fabulous work and what a fun bicycle piece. I'm ready to ride off into the horizon! Happy Earth day to you!

psychopooch said...

Nice work from your friend. And agree with above, fun bicycle piece! Love the little kitty in the basket. Looks like she's the only one aware of the tornado heading their way.

Connie said...

What a week! Love the kitten. Yes, your friend's work is wonderful.

froggie said...

hee, hee! this is too cute, e! oh hang on to your lil totos out be safe! and thanks so much for the visit!

AtelierBrigitte said...

A dog on a bike!!! Never knew your dogs were that amazing :) Fun illo!

Richard Morden illustration said...

'There's no food like bones, there's no food like bones'.

I hope your doggy makes it back safely from his tornado flying, cycling journey!

Thanks for the comment on my post.
Cheers R:)