Monday, February 27, 2012

that dog don't hunt

While I am the proud owner of two hunting dogs, the last thing they tracked down was the couch. While they are BIRD dogs this morning they decided they would be hounds and went after a big, fat, orange, tabby that was stalking birds in the brush. Blerg! I need to work on their recall because apparently it's nonexistent when there's a tasty cat around.

This little incident reminded me of when my neighbor was bragging about his yellow lab's hunting exploits. Apparently it's a big, big deal if a bird dog can retrieve two birds, who knew. So it was around the holidays when he stopped by to regale this amazing and heroic "double-retrieve" story. While he was telling the story all I could think of was, wow, my dog just stole our entire pumpkin pie off the counter and ate it.

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AtelierBrigitte said...

Great story (again) about your dogs - they always put a big smile on my face.