Saturday, November 16, 2013

She's baaaack....

Wow so it's been ages since I posted anything, it's really dusty in here and the cobwebs are totally out of control. So, I was lying in bed early this morning listening to a story on NPR about Bill Watterson and got quite mellon collie (hmmm sounds like something Linda would illustrate, is it a fruit or a dog, woof). 
 I missed my blog and my kitty-muse. Nothing concrete has kept me away just your run-of-the-mill ennui. So I said to myself, self your hubby is away again and it's a good opportunity to resurrect HubReHoTDa like the zombie-vampire that it is. HubReHoTDay is Husband Returns Home for Turkey Day day. While not even close to being a month away hopefully it'll put the pepper in my pants that I need to get back at it.
Okay so my first doodle. This past summer we moved again, here's a doodle of where we are living now.

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sketched out said...

Hey girl! A little late to the game, just saw your comment on my blog! I was thinking of you when I was doing SkADaMo, because a couple of years ago you were doing HubReHoTDa! And there here you are!
Welcome back!

Do you have time to join HoHoDooDa now that hubby is home? It'd be great to have ya!