Monday, July 14, 2008

Puppies are like a box of chocolates ... let them eat cake

No news is good news on the puppy front. I miss our little tempest in a teapot.

It just goes to show that with a little training (he learned sit and down in just four days) and a lot of love the most unwanted dog can turn into a cherry cordial. Our foster puppy was dumped in a shelter, probably because he was an exuberant chocolate lab puppy, which need a lot of training. He languished there for six weeks and became very depressed. One of the shelter workers couldn't let this little guy sink deeper into despair so they contacted Lab & Friends a rescue group who scooped him up and saved his little life. He came to live with us and learn some doggie manners and is now in his new adoptive home with lots of love, a yard and an alpha female name Foxy who will help continue his training.

Rescued dogs are the best! Our black lab is a rescue and he's the bomb, despite what the cat says.

Now everyone go eat cake and enjoy Bastille Day!

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