Friday, October 21, 2011

illustration friday - fuel

I'm being super green today by recycling an illustration I've already recycled. Here we are at our refueling station. 

Mouse update: While I didn't get a new kitty (yet) I did duct tape up all the little crawl space doors (portals to another universe perhaps) and have been "clean" for a week now. Yay! While I know the little critters are still in da'house at least they're not crawling around inside my shoes.

Duct Tape Kitty


Cindy D. said...

Oh my goodness, I love those bunny shoes and that fuzzball cat. Adorable! And the teeny tiny spaceship on the box of (cereal? crackers? Space ships?)

studio lolo said...

I remember this one and I'm still lovin' it :)

Hey, we keep our bars of soap in a drawer in the bathroom and lo and behold, something is chewing them!! I don't see droppings but I do see big tooth marks like mousies would leave.


AtelierBrigitte said...

Lovely repost of the illustration - and your duct-tape-mouse is hilarious.

Amy C said...

love this one and those adorable fluffy slippers too!