Friday, October 28, 2011

illustration friday - scary

Scary -- I'll show you scary. This little guy was more frightening than Paranormal 3. I was sitting in bed reading (okay I admit I had popcorn too) when this fuzzball came scurrying in. We both took one look at each other and our screams were harmonizing like Simon and Garfunkel. He fled into my studio and I think has taken up residence inside my Barbie dream house (yes I still have it).

The next day I was re-potting one of my poor plants and this guy jumped out of the potting soil bag, there goes another ten years.

Happy Halloween everyone!!


Anonymous said...

Funny, I don't mind sharing the outside world to those little creatures, but when they come into my house it's war!

Shalini said...

Lovely story! And fun, wonderful illustration

froggie said...

hey! you saved my OOMLA! ty, ty, erin! and frogggies aren't scary - meeces, UGH but invite that froggie in for an appletini...he'll love it and they are so so chatty! "-))

Cindy D. said...

Oh my, the pumpkins in a row with that super cute critter in the middle is adorable! (Also, don't worry. A good scare actually *adds* years). :)

Mônica said...

That's hysterical, Erin!
I had a close encounter of the third kind with a little mouse in my apt a few years ago. Same thing, we locked eyes on each other and time seemed to stop for a second, and then we each went running in the opposite direction!
I don't have a frog story to share, but once a squirrel went jumping out of a trash can in the park right next to my bench - to this day I'm afraid to use trash cans in public parks :-)
Happy Halloween to you too!

caela said...

oh my that is sooo awesome I love the row of pumpkins so clever :) great illustration :D